Maximising Revenue from your Feedstocks

An adequate supply of quality feedstock is essential for the successful operation of an Anaerobic Digestion (AD) or Biogas plant. Whether your AD plants relies on a single feedstock type or a combination of different feedstock types, securing mutually-beneficial long-term Feedstock Supply Contracts is essential to achieving this.  We provide expertise to help you get the most out of feedstock whatever your role in the Supply Chain.


The Biogas and Methane Yield of feedstocks depends on the type of feedstock fed, and varies according to the crop, dry matter content and Volatile Solid Content of the material. These huge variations in methane yield can mean that a feedstock that seems expensive per fresh tonne could actually be a cheap feedstock per m3 of Methane it produces.

AD Feedstock Services Ltd are experts in the field and provide bespoke practical advice and modelling to ensure you optimise your resources and your earnings, whether as a supplier or user of Feedstocks.  Tap into our unique knowledge of Feedstock, gained over many years of specialising in this industry. Our role can be as ‘hands-off’ or as involved as you wish – from advising on varietal selection, to crop planning with nutrient balancing. We also buy and sell Feedstocks on your behalf. Contact us for help with:

  • Crop and Varietal Selection

  • Crop Husbandry and Best Practise

  • Feedstock Productions Costings

  • Maximising Methane yields of Feedstocks

  • Minimising Clamp Losses

  • Feedstock Supply Agreements

  • Feedstock Specifications Criteria

  • Sourcing and Sale of Feedstocks


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